Total Project Management is simply a combination of front-end services and QC affording us the opportunity to represent a client's interests from the first look at an aerial photo through taking the last shot.  What this means to you is simple.  We shepherd your project from scouting and planning through recording. We have found communication to be the weakest link in every seismic operation. Utilizing Total Project Management, not only do we have the opportunity to supervise quality, but to effectively manage communications resulting in more efficient operations. 
Seismic Acquisition Consultants, Inc.
 Attn:  Bruce Lindsey 
3117 Ventura Dr, Abilene, Texas 79605
713-408-8695 or [email protected] 
"The most expensive data is poor or unreliable data."
To the ends of maximizing data integrity and minimizing operational deficiencies, we hope to have the opportunity of working with your company in the future.

Do you have a project on the boards that combines high land, swamp/marsh, dynamite, vibroseis, urban and remote, or any combination of the above?  We can help you be successful.  
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